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On October 7 and 8, 2014, OPEN researchers, staff, students along with healthcare professionals and knowledge users from government, pharmacy associations and various pharmacy sectors gathered in Toronto to learn, share and collaborate. Below is a snapshot of that event.


  • All of the best people in the province in one room.

  • I thought it was great. Please repeat next year.

  • Looking forward to updates on findings and insights.

  • Meeting face to face every now and again goes a long way.

  • I liked the guest speakers, and encourage you to engage others who are conducting similar pharmacy research.

  • Helps me in my job supporting pharmacist practice development.

  • A great learning experience, both as an introduction to OPEN’s research, as well as in terms of making connections and networking.

  • I made some new connections, renewed old connections, and learned a great deal about what OPEN is doing.

  • Provided thought provoking ideas of future direction of research and various perspectives from associations, organization, research, and policy.


Participants: More than 100 in attendance

  • Summit participants

    Summit participants

    OPEN investigators, collaborators, staff and students

  • Representatives from provincial government and pharmacy associations — Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario Pharmacists Association, Ontario College of Pharmacists, Canadian Pharmacists Association
  • Representatives from community pharmacy associations and organizations — Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada, OnPharm, Rexall Pharma Plus, Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Pharmacists, pharmacy and healthcare researchers
  • Representatives from other health professions and sectors

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  • Pharmacy student Vincent Vuong at poster session

    Pharmacy student Vincent Vuong at poster session

    20 oral and 13 poster presentations from OPEN investigators, staff and students on —

► ICES administrative data, stakeholder perspectives, practice data research findings

► Research in progress — perspectives of stakeholder groups, capacity building, gender-based analysis


Knowledge-user panelists (L–R): Brent Fraser, Donnie Edwards, Dennis Darby

Knowledge-user panelists (L–R): Brent Fraser (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care), Donnie Edwards (OPEN Advisory Committee member), Dennis Darby (CEO, Ontario Pharmacists Association)

  • Interactive event with researchers presenting findings and knowledge users providing perspectives through panels and discussions on applicability of results to pharmacy policy and practice
  • Variety of knowledge users participated — Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario Pharmacists Association, Ontario College of Pharmacists, Canadian Pharmacists Association, Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada, OnPharm, Rexall Pharma Plus, Shoppers Drug Mart, and healthcare researchers and professionals
  • High level of engagement and openness greatly helped OPEN teams more thoroughly explore their findings and take OPEN’s research to the next level

Main messages

Q&A session after an oral presentations

Q&A session after an oral presentations

  • Unique opportunity for key players in pharmacy practice, healthcare and government to discuss pharmacist-led medication management research
  • Large amount of pharmacy practice research has been conducted over the past 18 months, with large quantities of data generated and analyzed
  • Participants enthusiastic about seeing detailed data on pharmacy services that previously were not available
  • To answer some research questions more comprehensive data needed (e.g., linking data across datasets, use of datasets that contain additional data, use of new technologies to gather or combine data)
  • Opportunity for pharmacy to play greater role and conduct research in patient-centred care within various healthcare settings including care transitions
  • Build on OPEN projects to increase interprofessional research and team-based approach to practice
  • Encourage OPEN to continue and further broaden engagement with patients, frontline pharmacists, other healthcare professionals and consider an international perspective
  • Research themes to consider for the future include economics of expanded pharmacist services, pharmacist’s role in end-of-life care, opioid management, pharmacist services to vulnerable populations

Summit feedback

John Farrell and Zubin Austin

John Farrell (L) and Zubin Austin (R)

  • Overall feedback was very positive (average rating of 4.8 out of 5)
  • Most participants rated the Summit as “very good” or “good,” worth their time, and they would attend a similar event in the future
  • Aspects of the Summit that were most valuable to participants were — discussing research (81% of respondents), learning (66%), networking (68%), making collaborative ties (62%), professional development (25%)
  • Very responsive to open discussions, opportunity to network and make professional connections