Lisa McCarthyLisa McCarthy received a 2015 Educator Award at Women’s College Hospital for her work in precepting and mentoring pharmacy students. Since its inception, the OPEN Pharmacist prescribing team, which she leads, has worked with eight undergraduates and one MSc student.

This year marks Women’s College Hospital’s sixth annual Excellence in Education Awards ceremony, which recognizes outstanding teachers and educators as well as excellence in interprofessional education and innovation in education.

Recipients are selected based on their ability to inspire and mentor their students, as well as their commitment to teaching and supervision.

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Heather Boon Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Heather Boon, Dean of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Toronto and a member of OPEN’s Advisory Committee, was awarded the 2015 Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine at a gala award dinner on September 25, 2015 in Vancouver, BC to recognize her career in alternative medicines research.

Her 25-year career was sparked by a recognition of the large number of Canadians using alternative medicine and how little research existed. The author of a textbook on natural health products and over 150 academic publications, the primary goal of Heather’s research has been to design studies that answer questions of consequence to patients and decision-makers in the healthcare system.

Heather’s current research is focused on understanding how recent changes in Ontario’s regulations governing the practice of complementary medicine are affecting clinical practice, patient access, and integration of care.

Founded in 2007, the $250,000 Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine highlights the important contributions of complementary and alternative medicine to healthcare.

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Lisa DolovichBarbara FarrellA paper whose authors include Lisa Dolovich, co-lead of OPEN, and Barb Farrell, co-PI lead of the Deprescribing guidelines for the elderly project, was recognized by The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) as one of 20 papers to mark the two decades the publication has been online.

Their paper, Improving cardiovascular health at population level: 39 community cluster randomised trial of Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program (CHAP) (PDF), was selected for this prestigious international recognition as it “will have enormous influence over the coming years because it tests, with positive, patient important results, an intervention aimed at harnessing volunteer power in the community,” according to Brian Haynes, professor of clinical epidemiology and medicine at McMaster University’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Cardiovascular Health Awareness Program is a community-based initiative that brings together local family physicians, pharmacists, other health professionals, public health representatives, volunteers, and health and social service organizations to work together to promote and actively participate in the prevention and management of heart disease and stroke.

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Fahad Alzahrani holding awardFahad Alzahrani, a PhD candidate under Nancy Waite’s supervision, received the 2015 Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada / Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Graduate Student Award for Pharmacy Practice Research.

The award consists of a complimentary registration and an allowance of up to $1,500 to cover costs to attend the 2015 Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences Annual Conference.

Fahad graduated in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the College of Pharmacy at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. After graduation, he worked as a hospital pharmacist for two years. In 2013 he completed his master’s degree in pharmacy with a specialization in pharmacy practice-based research at the University of Saskatchewan.

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Donnie EdwardsDonnie Edwards, an OPEN Advisory Committee member, received the Ontario Pharmacists Association’s 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious distinction recognizes an Ontario Pharmacists Association member’s commitment to the practice of pharmacy as well as long-term service that advances the Association.

Donnie served previously on OPA’s board of directors, spending one year as chair where he played an integral role in discussions about the Transparent Drug System for Patients Act, helped develop the MedsCheck program and initiated OPA’s Drugs of Addiction strategy. He also acted as the OPA’s interim chief executive officer in 2007.

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Sherilyn HouleSherilyn Houle, co-lead of the Pharmacists as immunizers project, received the 2015 Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Award.

Conferred by the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy, the Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards recognize individuals who have demonstrated leadership in the pharmacy profession.

Sherilyn was also awarded the Canadian Pharmacists Journal’s Best Paper of the Year for a systematic review that identified remunerated pharmacist clinical care programs worldwide and reports on uptake and patient care outcomes (see abstract).

The paper was co-authored by Kelly Grindrod, who co-leads the Knowledge translation and exchange team, Trish Chatterley, pharmacy librarian at the University of Alberta, and Ross Tsuyuki, an OPEN Scientific Advisory Committee member.

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Nancy WaiteNancy Waite, co-lead of OPEN and the Pharmacists as immunizers project, received the award for best pharmacy practice research oral presentation at the 2015 Canadian Pharmacists Conference.

Titled “Community pharmacies providing influenza vaccines in Ontario: A descriptive analysis using administrative data,” other investigators who contributed to the study were Jeff Kwong, Suzanne Cadarette, Eric Schneider, Michael Campitelli, Dana Church, Giulia Consiglio, Nedzad Pojskic, Sherilyn Houle and Wasem Alsabbagh.

Nancy, and co-authors Pia Marks, Brad Jennings (formerly of the Capacity building team), Barb Farrell (lead of the Deprescribing project), Natalie Kennie-Kaulbach, Derek Jorgenson and Jane Pearson-Sharpe (member of the Pharmacist-as-immunizers and Gender and vulnerable populations teams), also received the Journal Award from the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education.

Their paper describes how an online continuing professional education course for pharmacists supports transfer-to-practice outcomes.

Congratulations to you all!