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knowledge translation and exchangeOPEN’s Knowledge translation and exchange team is led by James Conklin and Kelly Grindrod.

Members: Lisa Dolovich, Barbara Farrell, Rosemary Killeen, Nancy Waite

Research coordinators: Karen Chun, Jilan Yang
PhD student: Kate Mercer

We support the process of putting OPEN’s research findings into action through a dynamic and iterative knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) strategy.

For OPEN, the KTE strategy is focused on creating, synthesizing, disseminating, exchanging and applying knowledge to optimize medication management services and improve the health of Ontarians.

The purpose of OPEN’s knowledge translation and exchange strategy

1. To inquire into facilitators and barriers to knowledge translation and exchange by using the OPEN research program as a natural laboratory.

Our KTE inquiry focuses on the processes of OPEN’s Advisory Committee, and asks the following research question: How does a collaborative knowledge-to-action research structure, the OPEN Advisory Committee, which actively involves knowledge users (including the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care) in the research process, ensure that knowledge generated by OPEN research is relevant and useful for policy makers, management, administrators and end users, and ensure the uptake of the knowledge that is produced?

This investigation uses a case-study approach that involves data in the form of semi-structured one-on-one interviews, e-mail surveys, Advisory Committee meeting observations, and document analysis.

2. To support OPEN investigators in communicating their research using the best practices from fields such as public relations, adult education, and scientific and technical communication.

The KTE team is available to OPEN’s research teams to provide support for knowledge-translation efforts. The leads can offer support to move findings of each research project into action using a variety of KTE tools, including presentations, academic publications, newsletters, press releases, stakeholder meetings and professional conferences.

The KTE team also continues to facilitate various KTE exercises at OPEN meetings to support knowledge-to-action processes.

Knowledge users

OPEN has several primary knowledge users, each of which is a partner in the research program and has assisted in prioritizing projects and identifying vulnerable populations that the project serves.

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Ontario College of Pharmacists
Ontario Pharmacists Association
Ontario College of Family Physicians
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Ontario Branch

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Recent presentations

2014 Canadian Association on Gerontology Conference • Niagara Falls, ON • Oct 16–18, 2014

  • Do stakeholder advisory committees help to promote the uptake and use of new research findings? (poster)
    Conklin J, Grindrod K, Chun K, Cadieux M-A, Mercer K

Canadian Pharmacists Association webinar • Feb 26, 2014

  • Nancy Waite and Kelly Grindrod gave a webinar presentation to the Canadian Pharmacists Association about how OPEN’s knowledge translation and exchange strategy is helping to further pharmacy, practice and policy (February 26, 2014).