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OPEN – A leader in medication management research in Ontario

Since 2013, OPEN – the Ontario Pharmacy Evidence Network has established itself as a leader of medication management research in the province. Our collaborative and multi-institutional network of researchers and knowledge users continues to be a formidable mechanism for widespread system change to improve the benefits and reduce the harms from medications in Ontario.

OPEN’s research provides insight about how the knowledge and skills of pharmacy professionals can be best used and integrated within the broader healthcare system, and how healthcare teams can better work together to improve medication management in all healthcare arenas, including primary care and public health. We work to optimize the use of medications by doing and supporting research into current and emerging medication services, processes and policies from the perspectives of pharmacists, patients, physicians, government and others to ensure system sustainability, and future medication management policy and service development.

OPEN’s goal is to connect knowledge users and researchers and provide robust high-quality evidence that can be used by government, patients and healthcare providers to improve healthcare practice, and ensure the cost-effectiveness of services, and most importantly, the benefits of healthcare for patients and their families/caregivers.

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Deprescribing Guidelines

A project that is developing evidence-based guidelines to safely taper or stop medication use in the elderly to reduce adverse drug effects and improve quality of life


White Paper

Pharmacy in the 21st century: Enhancing the impact of pharmacy on people’s lives in the context of health care trends, evidence and policies

OPEN: Ontario Pharmacy Evidence Network

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University of Waterloo - Health Sciences Campus
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