Pharmacist Services and Health Systems Performance

MedsCheck & Pharmaceutical Opinion Programs

MedsCheck and Pharmaceutical Opinion Programs are two of several government-funded medication therapy management (MTM) services that Ontario pharmacists can offer to patients. OPEN researchers lead inquiry focused on the quality, clinical significance, health system impact, and stakeholder’s satisfaction with these MTM services. This type of work supports public and private payers’ assessment of the value and return-on-investment of these types of services and informs future decision-making surrounding pharmacy reimbursement schemes. In addition, OPEN researchers continue to identify program features and implementation strategies that enhance the reach, quality and impact of MTM services.

Pharmacists as Immunizers & Vaccine Hesitancy

OPEN researchers examine the pharmacist and patient uptake of pharmacist-administered vaccinations, the impact that these services have on overall vaccination rates, and factors that influence the implementation of these programs. As with many OPEN research initiatives, knowledge translation materials and providing actionable information for decision-making by stakeholders represent key outcomes of this portfolio.

Pharmacist Prescribing

As medication experts, there are opportunities for pharmacists to take an active role in initiating, adapting, and renewing prescriptions. These types of roles increase access to care and patient satisfaction, improve health outcomes, and generate cost-savings for the health system, by fully leveraging pharmacists’ skillset. OPEN works to understand stakeholder perspectives on expanding pharmacists’ prescribing authority through minor ailments schemes and enhanced interprofessional collaborations.

Pharmacy Services Evaluation Frameworks

Regulators, public and private-payers, and other stakeholders require consistent and reliable methods of evaluating healthcare services. OPEN has several projects that aim to quantify pharmacy services and their value proposition for different stakeholders.

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