2014 OPEN Summit

2014 OPEN Summit

October 7 to 8, 2014

Our first Summit — a two-day event to showcase OPEN’s research while bringing together investigators, students, knowledge users and healthcare professionals to discuss project findings and their implications on pharmacy research, policy and practice.


OPEN collaboration research: Experience and impact

Waite N, Dolovich L, Cook K, Cooke M, Grindrod K, Jennings B, Sproule B, Marshall S, Wenger L

Sex- and gender-based analysis in the pharmacy research literature

Chang F, Cook K, Cooke M, McCarthy L, Sproule B, Waite N

Pharmacists’ authority to renew and adapt prescriptions: Project overview

McCarthy L, Bojarski E, Grindrod K, Dolovich L, Pojskic N, Waite N

Pharmacist immunization authority beyond influenza: A scoping review

Church D, Pojskic N, Schneider E, Houle S, Waite N

Measuring self-efficacy for deprescribing tasks: Development of a scale and initial results

Farrell B, Sunstrum L, de Launay D, Conklin J, Raman-Wilms L

Pharmacy students as immunizers: A scoping review of the literature

Johnson S, Church D, Raman-Wilms L, Waite N, Pearson-Sharpe J, Schneider E

Pharmacist and chronic pain survey: Insight on your attitudes, perceptions and knowledge

Chang F, Patel T, Sproule B, Khan A, Coulston B, Jurcic-Vrataric J, Raman-Wilms L

Patient perspectives on pharmacists as immunizers

Wenger L, Sergeant O, Papastergiou J, Pearson-Sharpe J, Pojskic N, Raman-Wilms L, Schneider E, Waite N

Developing deprescribing capacity through developmental evaluation

Conklin J, Farrell B, Raman-Wilms L, McCarthy L, Pizzola L, Irving H, Anderson L

Bias in pharmacist interactions with patients

Wenger L, Pearson-Sharpe J, Waite N

Deprescribing guideline development: methods and results of a proton-pump inhibitor deprescribing guideline

Thompson W, Farrell B, Pottie K, Rojas-Fernandez C, Walsh K, Welch V, Boghossian T, Rashid J, Pizzola L, Moayyedi P

What are priorities for deprescribing for elderly patients? Capturing the voice of practitioners: A modified Delphi process

Farrell B, Tsang C, Raman-Wilms L, Irving H, Conklin J, Pottie K

Audit of community pharmacist–delivered MedsCheck and Pharmaceutical Opinions services in Ontario

Pojskic N, MacKeigan L, Dolovich L, MacCallum L

Identification of challenges and opportunities for community pharmacists to manage chronic pain — dialogue exchange by chronic pain stakeholders

Chang F, Khan A, Patel T, Grindrod K, Aoki K, Chen K, Milic A, Mercer K, Sproule B

Pharmacists’ perspectives on pharmacists as immunizers

Schneider E, Wenger L, Pojskic N, Raman-Wilms L, Waite N

Implementation of MedsCheck and Pharmaceutical Opinions: Preliminary findings from corporate pharmacy interviews

MacKeigan L, Bensimon C, Winterbottom M, Dolovich L, Pojskic N, Bojarski E, MacCallum L

Capturing the perspectives of academics, policy makers, physicians and pharmacists about the evaluation of pharmacy — Preliminary results

Dolovich L, Akram S, Rietkoetter S, Slonim K, Nainifard A, MacKeigan L, Patel T, Waite N, Chang F, Farrell B

Initial uptake of the Ontario Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program: Descriptive analysis over two years

Wong L, Burden A, Liu Y, Tadrous M, Pojskic N, Dolovich L, Calzavara A, Cadarette S

A descriptive analysis of Ontario’s Pharmaceutical Opinion Program

Dolovich L, Consiglio G, Bojarski E, MacKeigan L, MacCallum L, Pojskic N, Cadarette S

Impact of pharmacists on influenza vaccination uptake in Ontario: A descriptive analysis using administrative claims data

Kwong J, Cadarette S, Schneider E, Campitelli M, Church D, Consiglio G, Pojskic N, Houle S, Waite N

A descriptive analysis of MedsCheck Annuals

Dolovich L, Consiglio G, Abrahamyan L, Bojarski E, MacKeigan L, Pechlivanoglou P, Pojskic N, Rac V, Su J, Krahn M, Cadarette S

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