2016 OPEN Summit

2016 OPEN Summit

January 20 to 21, 2016

Bringing together researchers, staff and students with our knowledge-user partners, the 2016 OPEN Summit featured oral and poster research presentations along with lively and informed discussions on their implications on healthcare policy, pharmacy practice and future research.


Promoting knowledge translation through a stakeholder advisory committee: Factors that facilitate or impede an advisory committee’s work

James Conklin, Karen Chun

Examining the potential for a community pharmacist relationship with Health Links in Ontario

Nicole Mittmann, Katie Dainty, Shazia Hassan, Carmine Stumpo, Zahava Rosenberg-Yunger, Allan Malek, Lisa Dolovich

Teaching the masses through an online pharmacy game

Kelly Grindrod

Identification and pharmacist follow up of actionable atrial fibrillation using an integrated cardiovascular screening approach in community pharmacies

Karla Lancaster, Lisa Dolovich

Developing, implementing and evaluating “deprescribing” guidelines for the elderly: A mixed-methods approach

Barbara Farrell, James Conklin, Hannah Irving, Lalitha Raman-Wilms, Lisa McCarthy, Carlos Rojas-Fernandez, Kevin Pottie, Lise Bjerre

The Banting & Best Diabetes Centre: Supporting pharmacists to improve patient outcomes

Lori MacCallum

Evaluation of the impact of an expanded immunization program

Zahava Rosenberg-Yunger

Mapping health geography data and pharmacy access

Nancy Waite, Wasem Alsabbagh, Suzanne Cadarette, Katie Cook, Martin Cooke, Susan Elliott, Peter Johnson, Emily Milne

Sex/gender and vulnerable populations in OPEN research

Nancy Waite, Martin Cooke, Emily Milne, Katie Cook, Feng Chang, Lisa McCarthy, Beth Sproule

Determining the perspectives of stakeholders on priorities for economics analyses of billable pharmacy services in Ontario

Jilan Yang, Sherilyn Houle

Development of an evaluation framework for pharmacy services

Lisa Dolovich, Nancy Waite, Barbara Farrell, Linda MacKeigan, Feng Chang, Beth Sproule, Tejal Patel, Nancy Winslade

Ontario Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Program: An updated descriptive analysis by Local Health Integration Network, 2011–2015

Suzanne Cadarette, Giulia Consiglio, Michael Chaiton, Lisa Dolovich, Sarah Guilcher, Zahava Rosenberg-Yunger, Beth Sproule, Lindsay Wong

Pharmacists as immunizers: What has been the uptake and impact of community pharmacist–administered influenza vaccinations?

Nancy Waite, Sherilyn Houle, Wasem Alsabbagh, Dana Church, Jeff Kwong, John Papastergiou, Nedzad Pojskic, Eric Schneider, Lalitha Raman-Wilms

Pharmacists prescribing: Present and future

Lisa McCarthy, Elizabeth Bojarski, Nancy Waite, Lisa Dolovich, Ida-Maisie Famiyeh, Kelly Grindrod, Nedzad Pojskic

A mixed-methods evaluation of MedsCheck and Pharmaceutical Opinion Programs in Ontario

Linda MacKeigan, Lisa Dolovich, Nedzad Pojskic, Lori MacCallum, Giulia Consiglio, Lusine Abrahamyan, Petros Pechlivanoglou, Suzanne Cadarette, Nadine Ijaz, Bojana Petrovic, Valeria Rac, Elizabeth Bojarski

Understanding the value of collaboration in health services research

Nancy Waite, Lisa Wenger, Martin Cooke, Kelly Grindrod, Brad Jennings, Linda MacKeigan, Sara Marshall, Beth Sproule, Lisa Dolovich, Emily Milne

Deprescribing guidelines for the elderly: How developmental evaluation is strengthening our process

James Conklin, Barbara Farrell, Hannah Irving, Lalitha Raman-Wilms, Lisa McCarthy, Carlos Rojas-Fernandez, Kevin Pottie, Lise Bjerre

Expanding pharmacy practice research capacity in Canada: The making of a stakeholder-engaged, multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary collaboration

Lisa Dolovich, Linda MacKeigan, Sara Marshall, Nancy Waite

The impact of a PPI deprescribing guideline on clinician self-efficacy for deprescribing tasks

Barbara Farrell, Lisa Sunstrum, James Conklin, Lalitha Raman-Wilms, Hannah Irving, David de Launay, Wasem Alsabbagh

Engaging pharmacists, clinicians, and the public in determining the components and processes needed to use the knowledge and the practice of “deprescribing”

Barbara Farrell, James Conklin, Susan Conklin, Hannah Irving

The Opioid Education Partnership: Pharmacists as collaborators in reducing prescription opioid misuse

Feng Chang, Tejal Patel, Agnes Kluz, Rosemary Killeen

Effect of a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) deprescribing guideline on PPI drug costs in long-term care

Wade Thompson, Matthew Hogel, Denis O’Donnell, Yan Li, Kednapa Thavorn, Lisa Dolovich, Lisa McCarthy, Cody Black, Barbara Farrell, Michael Elten

Development of an evidence-based clinical practice guideline for deprescribing of antihyperglycemics in the elderly

Cody Black, Wade Thompson, Manon Bouchard, Heather Lochnan, Lori MacCallum, Lisa McCarthy, Carlos Rojas-Fernandez, Salima Shamji, Ross Upshur, Vivian Welch, Barbara Farrell

Best practices in the provision of MedsCheck services: A multi-case study

Amanda Day, Linda MacKeigan, Lisa Dolovich, Sara Guilcher

Pharmaceutical opinions in Ontario: A descriptive analysis using administrative claims data

Lisa Dolovich, Giulia Consiglio, Andrew Calzavara, Elizabeth Bojarski, Linda MacKeigan, Nedzad Pojskic, Lori MacCallum, Suzanne Cadarette

Estimating uptake of community pharmacists independently renewing and adapting prescriptions: A preliminary investigation

Rebecca Babaei-Rad, Elizabeth Bojarski, Linda Perfetto, Michael Nashat, Lisa McCarthy

The Ontario MedsCheck Diabetes pharmacist medication review service: A descriptive analysis of service recipients between 2010–2014 using administrative claims data

Lisa Dolovich, Lori MacCallum, Giulia Consiglio, Linda MacKeigan, Elizabeth Bojarski, Nedzad Pojskic, Suzanne Cadarette

Opioid management in chronic pain by pharmacists providing care in the community setting in Ontario

Beth Sproule, Feng Chang, Tejal Patel, Jane Jurcic, Lalitha Raman-Wilms

Factors affecting the delivery of a pharmacist-led medication review: Evidence from the MedsCheck annual service

Petros Pechlivanoglou, Lusine Abrahamyan, Linda MacKeigan, Lisa Dolovich, Giulia Consiglio, Valeria Rac, Jonghyun Shin, Suzanne Cadarette, Murray Krahn

Should I continue taking my acid reflux medication? Development and pilot testing of a patient decision aid

Wade Thompson, Barbara Farrell, Vivian Welch, Lise Bjerre, Peter Tugwell

Pharmacist prescribing: A scoping review about the views and experiences of patients and the public

Ida-Maisie Famiyeh, Lisa McCarthy

Pharmacists’ expanded immunization authority: A regulatory review

Nancy Waite, Dana Church, Sarah Johnson, Lalitha Raman-Wilms, Nedzad Pojskic, Jane Pearson-Sharpe, Eric Schneider, Sherilyn Houle

Jurisdictional and evidence review of pharmacist-led minor ailments programs: Toward an Ontario framework

Rebekah Lee, Lisa McCarthy

Results of the evaluation framework scoping review

Ava Nainifard, Teegan Ignacy, Lucas Di Nardo, Sarah Rietkoetter, Lisa Dolovich

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